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Black Alumni Weekend a success!



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Don't forget the RUBAC Scholarship Fund! Each year we will give scholarships to deserving Radford University students. It is our goal ot raise $2000 per academic year for these scholarships which will be awarded in the summer. Please visit our donor website at

About Us

The Radford University Black Alumni Networking Group, formerly RUBAC and AAHAA, is an inclusive organization dedicated to the reestablishment and maintenance of the relationship between black alumni and the Radofrd University community. Our purpose is to foster unity and develop programs, events and networking opportunities for alumni, current students, faculty and staff.


In 2004, it was realized that minority alumni were unwilling to return to campus during the annual Homecoming and Highlanders Festival. Many black alumni felt like the celebration of the Scottish Heritage was not something to which they could relate which led ot their disaccociation with RU once they graduated. This led to the planning of the first Black Alumni Weekend. This is a designated time of hte year for us, as black alumni, to come together to celebrate our love for RU, renew friendships and become more connected to our alma mater.


We strive to make this organization and our activities beneficial to the university and its sutdents. Current students are able to meet, mingle and network with alumni. Aluni become more connected to the university community and thus become ambassadors for RU, which aids in recruitment. The University is also able to tap into potential donors, volunteers, etc. It is truly a win-win-win situtation. The Radford University Alumni Association voted to make AAHAA the Radford University Black Alumni Chapter at its annual meeting in October 2006. RUBAC became known as the Radford University Black Alumni Networking Group in 2014.


Black Alumni are not encouraged to only support our sponsored activities and events. Alumni that support our group are also involved in local alumni association chapters in various regons of the country. It is our desire that alumni will support the university in any manner they see fit, be it as a donor, a partiicpatnt in the annual homecoming weekend or in any other club/group reunion which the university sponsors.


To view our formal mission statement and purpose, please click here.


If you have any specific questions regarding Alumni Affairs, please contact the Director, Laura Turk at



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